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We provide the best industrial automation course on PLC HMI SCADA VFD, it is a discipline that includes knowledge and expertise from various branches of engineering including electrical, electronics, instrumentation , mechanical and more recently computer and software engineering as well with introduction of IIoT

Key facts of this course:

Who is the course for?

Any student who is willing to join the Industrial Automation Course including.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) & Mechanical Engineering students, Masters, Diploma, ITI, BSC Electronics .

Topics PLC HMI SCADA VFD – Industrial Automation 

Learning Path

  • What Is Electricity – Charge, Current, Voltage, Resistance & Ohm’s Law
  • Conductors And Insulators
  • Series And Parallel Connection Of Loads
  • Generation Of Ac And Dc With Electromagnetic Induction In Generators And Wave Forms
  • Transformers – Types, Working And Calculations
  • Different Types Of Power And Calculations Of Power And Amperes Indifferent Generators
  • Energy Consumption Billing By Electricity Board
  • Types Of Loads
  • Generation, Transmission, Distribution & Utilization Of Power
  • Measurements Of Current, Voltage & Power Using Ammeter, Voltmeter, Multi Meter, Clamp Meter, Energy Meter
  • Star-delta Connections
  • Difference Between 1-phase And 3-phase Systems
  • 1-phase And 3 Phase Ac Induction Motor
  • Power Circuit And Control Circuit
  • What Is Automation
  • Basic Elements Of An Automation Systems
  • Levels Of Automation
  • Why Choose Automation As A Career
  • History Of Automation
  • Types Of Control Systems
  • Control Hardware, Software, Digital And Analog Inputs And Outputs
  • Control System Architecture & Automation Hierarchy.
  • Automation Products (PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD)
  • Automation Brands
  • Introduction To Communication Protocol
  • Switchgear:  Various Switches(SPST, SPDT, Selector Switch), Push Buttons(NO, NC)
  • Relays, Contactors, Timers & Counters.
  • Protection Devices : RCCB, MCB, FUSES, ELCB, Overload Relay, Sockets
  • Solenoid Valves, Control Valves,  Level Sensors, Flow Sensors, RTD, Proximity Switch, IR Sensor, Motion, Metal & Non Metal, Float Sensor, Pressure Sensors , Encoder, Capacitive Sensor, Limit Switch, Potentiometer, Buzzer, Pump.
  • Single Phase And 3 Phase Circuits
  • Control And Power Circuits For Motors
  • Connection Of Loads (Series And Parallel)
  • Inching /Jogging And Latching Applications
  • Relay Logic Wiring Techniques Using Timers
  • DOL Starter With Power Contactor And Control Contactor
  • Forward And Reverse Operation Of An Induction Motor With Interlocking
  • Star- Delta Starter (Manual And Automatic)
  • Automatic Tank Level Control Circuit
  • Sequential Starting Of Motors
  • What is a PLC , History of PLC
  • PLC Architecture
  • PLC Hardware & Software
  • PLC I/O’s: DI, DO, AI, AO.
  • Power supply, CPU, Memory module, IO module , communication protocol
  • Sourcing & Sinking concepts.
  • PLC models & Types of CPU.
  • Digital & Analog addressing: Bit, Byte & word addressing concepts
  • Scan cycle.
  • PLC programming languages overview.
  • PLC Programming Instruction – NO, NC , Timers , Counters , Comparator, Math, Move, Jumps & Sub-Routines
  • Program Upload / Download
  • Monitoring of program.
  • PLC Programming instructions.
    • Bit Logic , Timers , Counters , Comparators  , Math , Move , Jump  & Sub-Routine
  • PLC Programming applications
  • PLC Selection
  • PLC configuration.
  • PLC Panel wiring.
  • PLC commissioning.
  • Powering up a PLC
  • Trouble shooting and Fault analysis.
  • Networking and Communication with SCADA & HMI.
  • Introduction to HMI
  • Hardware and software
  • HMI features
    • Tag management, Alarms, Trends, Security, Recipe.
  • HMI programming applications
  • Communication with PLC
  • HMI screen development
  • Screen navigation
  • Introduction to SCADA
  • Tag management :-Creating tags and addressing( internal & External )
  • Application of SCADA
  • Screen development
  • Images and objects configuration
  • Dynamic representation-Movement and filling
  • Alarms
  • Trends
  • Security
  • Recipe
  • Windows navigation
  • Recipe management
  • Communication with PLC.
  • Introduction To VFD’S
  • Working Principle.
  • VFD Architecture.
  • VFD –Hardware & Software.
  • Types Of VFD’s :-Single Phase And 3 Phase Drives
  • Drive Selection
  • Commissioning Of VFD
  • Parameterization ( Programming Of VFD )
  • VFD Operation: – Local, Remote(2 & 3 Wire)
  • Speed Modulation (Fixed / Preset Speeds)
  • Advantages And Applications Of VFD’s

What people are saying

loudiya rajesh
loudiya rajesh
Read More
I done my industrial automation course, i got placed at good package, This institute helps me alot and faculty was too good, explanation, teaching superb.Thanks alot for this institute.
Read More
Speaking from my own training experience in their institute. Akbar Ansari Sir, Mohammad Fahad Sir, All of us should be interested to learn better. They are one step ahead of us to explain point to point very well and succinctly. .🙂👌👍🥰
rohit prasad
rohit prasad
Read More
Excellent institute for industrial automation training👍👍
Mohd Altaf Alam
Mohd Altaf Alam
Read More
I have completed Industrial Automation training from this institute. One of the best training institute in Hyderabad. All course content are planned according to industrial requirements . Good experience in this institute from my side. I got placed in Automation company in Hyderabad.
Sameera sultana
Sameera sultana
Read More
Very productive institute. Faculty is good. Explanation, teaching and training from the faculty enhanced our knowledge at great level. I also got a core job through the institute. This institute has helped me to explore and understand things at various levels.
saber kabeer
saber kabeer
Read More
I have studied plc’s, drives, and many other softwares. I’ve gained handson experience with the equipment’s available in the institute. Definitely it is the right place to learn and gain knowledge related to electrical and mechanical engineering. This place is 100% recommended for those who have zeal to do something in the field of engineering
shahbaz anwar
shahbaz anwar
Read More
I have done industrial automation and electrical design here. A wonder learning experience with excellent teaching facilities. The tools discussed are very effective and easy to implement and practice. I am placed in excellent organization, thanks to all

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