Active Harmonic Filters

Active Harmonic Filter


InstaSine i-Sine Active Harmonic Filters
InstaSine proudly introduces its first product line-up “i-Sine” active harmonic filter (AHF) to cater the
present industrial needs. i-Sine AHF is a high-speed IGBT based device that is connected in parallel to
the plant and performs the following [regardless of the loading condition]:

  • Cancels the load generated current harmonics
  • Maintains the unity power factor operation
  • Ensures balance three-phase source currents
  • Compensates neutral current (only with three-phase four-wire version)


Compensation Philosophy


  • i-Sine AHF identifies the downstream load current composition (such as, active, reactive,
    harmonics and unbalance components) using intelligent artificial neural network (ANN) based
    control technique and cancels the unwanted components at the load end through precise
    control of IGBTs.
  • Based on the selective harmonic compensation, i-Sine AHF computes the magnitude of
    individual harmonic, fundamental reactive and unbalanced current that are to be
  • As long as the compensation requirement is within the rating of i-Sine AHF capacity, it
    compensates all the unwanted current components. In case the requirement is higher than its
    rated capacity, compensation current is dynamically limited to i-Sine AHF capacity using inbuilt
    real-time current limiting algorithm.
  • Thanks to our closed-loop adaptive ANN control philosophy, i-Sine AHF dynamically
    compensates the unwanted components of load current even when the load changes

Product Features


Harmonic Mitigation: i-Sine AHF assures the plant current THD to stay below the limits
specified by the IEEE 519-1992 with full dynamic compensation.


Power Factor Control:  i-Sine AHF ensures unity power factor operation of the plant. Fully
dynamic compensation adaptive to the load changes.


Current Balancing: i-Sine AHF assures the plant current drawn from the EB to be balanced and sinusoidal Neutral Current.


 Compensation: A 3P4W i-Sine AHF fully supports the load neutral current locally,
and assures zero neutral current on the source/EB side.


No prerequisite: i-Sine AHF in general, does not require the installation of input
chokes with VFDs, as long as the load current THD is below 40%.


Energy Efficiency: i-Sine AHF consists of an intelligent On-The- Fly real-time internal
switching loss minimization technique to further enhance the internal energy efficiency.


Optimum Design:   Light in weight, compact in size, quieter in operation, and best in the performance. Wide Range of Harmonic

Selection: Ability to cancel all odd harmonics up to 71st order. These harmonics are individually selectable/programmable with no limitation.


Key Benefits to the User


  • Close to pure sinusoidal plant current (enhanced power quality)
  • Compliance to power quality standards (no harmonics penalty)
  • Unity power factor operation (saving in electricity bill as per the state board tariff/schemes)
  • Reduced energy losses with improved plant efficiency
  • Reduced plant down times from the nuisance tripping due to harmonics
  • Improved plant equipment life
  • The restored ability of existing electrical infrastructure to operate at full-load capacity

 i-Sine AHF Specifications

Plant Input Conditions


System Voltage (RMS):   350 – 450 V

 Fundamental Frequency (Hz):   50 ± 5%

 System Configuration:   3P3W and 3P4W (single-phase option available)
Product Specification


 Power Semiconductor Devices:   IGBTs

Output Current Ratings (RMS):   25A/ 50A/ 100A/ 150A/ 200/ 300A
 Continuous Peak: 2.2 times RMS Value


Compensating Current:   “No need of oversizing with VFD loads”


Harmonic Compensation Range: All odd harmonics up to 71st order  “Widest range and fasted harmonic filtering available in India”#.


Selective Harmonic Compensation: From 0 to 100% for all 71 Harmonics  “No limit on the number of harmonics selection at a time” #


Reactive Power Compensation:   Yes


Harmonic Attenuation Factor:   More than 97% at rated load


Load Current Balancing:    Yes


Cooling:   Forced Air Cooling


Cable Entry:   Bottom


Mounting:   Wall mounting/ Floor mounting


i-Sine AHF Control System


Controller type:   Digital control


Control Method:


Based on Adaptive Artificial Neural Networks (ANN):  “Ultra-fast computation” #


Dynamic Response Time:   100 microseconds


User Interface Monitoring (Waveform and Parameters):   Through InstaVIEW software on USB port


User Parameter Setting:   Using InstaVIEW software


Additional Details: 0 to 50 o  C


Operating Temperature Range:   “No derating required in the entire operating range”#


Active Power Loss:   Less than 3%


Parallel Operation:   Yes


Short-circuit protection:   Yes


Color:   Standard


Noise Level :  <65dB